Z57 Review by REALTOR Michelle M. from Shelby Township, MI

REALTOR Michelle M. from Shelby Township, MI

Michelle M.
REALTOR in Shelby Township, MI

“I just started a new journey this week with Keller Williams as an Exec.Admin/Transaction Coordinator and as I’m sure you can imagine it’s overwhelming. My agent wasn’t sure if we should keep this program, wanted me to look into it to see if we just were not utilizing it or was this something we would soon cancel? I called and talked with¬†a support rep for AT LEAST an hour if not longer. She was AMAZING! I have been at this position 2 days at this point, and have never seen this system. She was SO kind, patient (I had more questions than I care to admit), but most important she was so personal and honest with me. I learned SO MUCH and realized we haven’t tapped into HALF of what you have to offer! She was so helpful with tips on improving web pushes, the look of our website, social media marketing… She made me look so impressive to my boss too thanks!! haha We will continue to use this program, but actually put it to work for us and I truly believe we will start to see our leads/profits/ease of life improve tenfold. I still do, and will, call with several questions (even though she referred me to the great videos on the help page) and I will ask for her every time. She really cares about the customer and making sure we are maximizing our resources to the fullest. Thank you again!!!”